Morning Meanderings…. A Timely End To The March Sisters (and a new read-a-long)


Good morning and Happy Easter Weekend.  I have a pretty low key morning here and I am taking full advantage here with coffee and book and listening to the end of the audio, Little Women which was the read-a-long over at Fizzy Thoughts for March and I am surprised it took me most of the month to listen to this audio, but 18 hours and 44 minutes takes a while to get through when you are only listening to it in the house and not on road trips. 😀

I am excited to review this one (later today) as it has been a fun revisiting of this high school read and I have taken away some different things this time regarding the tomboy Jo and characters who represents in more modern literature, and perhaps the longest dragged out death scene I have ever read in a book…. to the point where you almost want to say, get on with it already… 😯  It will be good to finish this audio up as I am ready to move on.

Sadly, I do not see a new read-a-long from Jill for April (it has been fun latching on to her reads – I liked not picking a book and the choices have been fun…) and I am still in read-a-long mode so I am going to host one for April.  Here it is:


Simple read a long – just feel free to grab the button and read the book in April.  That’s it.  I will post back here the end of April and set up a link for those who participated to add their thoughts on the book as well. 

In other news, I have exciting updates to Wine and Words (SQQQUUUEEEEE Worthy – truly) but that will need to wait for another day, and I also posted this morning a long overdue update to the 12K group and challenge over at Team Kickin It.

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. A Timely End To The March Sisters (and a new read-a-long)

  1. I used to reread Little Women every few years but haven’t read it in quite a while. I hope you have a glorious Easter! I’ll be glad to see Marchuary go!

  2. Marie

    Fun! I’ve been wanting to read The Hobbit for months now! Maybe this will motivate me to move it up on my reading list 🙂

  3. Two or maybe three years ago (blogger time passes so quickly!), I reread Little Women for a challenge, at which point, I also got to enjoy the updated books like the fictionalized Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, among others.

    I had read LW so many times in my childhood, that it wasn’t all that surprising that I remembered so many little details, like Amy’s trick of putting a clothespin on her nose, and her passion for limes.

    It was a fun visit down memory lane. However, I could never listen to it…or any book, unless I was going on a road trip. It would take too long!! lol

  4. Oh I so love Little Women. It’s one of favorite books. I think I may join you for The Hobbit. I picked it up really cheap at Audible a while back.

  5. How funny, I just finished The Hobbit last week! I’m working on a review now, and I’ll be curious to see everyone else’s thoughts around the book. 🙂

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