Heartbreakers by Pamela Wells

Sydney’s boyfriend decides to break off the relationship.  Kelly’s boyfriend has big plans for Valentine’s Day… just not with her.  Raven is stuck in the middle of two guys and can not decide.  Alexia has never had a serious boyfriend and wonders if she ever will.

Four friends all single start to wonder if this teenage love is worth all the pain of heartbreak.  Together they make a list of 25 Rules that they call the Breakup Code.  These rules are to get them all through the next few months and they are to make sure that not one of them falters…

  • Rule No 1:  You must not text or IM the ex boyfriend

but rules were made to be broken…


I think I have found a true YA book that really felt to me to be YA… a young YA.  There is no paranormal activity, while partying is mentioned, it is just that…a mention.  No sex, no drugs, just clean sweet relationships that reminded me of Jr High.

(Yup…. we are going to have a flashback…. hang on!)

I remember those first what I thought were serious relationships in that 14 – 17 year range.  And I quite easily remember what it felt like when “the one” you thought was :the one”… wasn’t.  Seriously, do you remember that feeling?  You though you were going to die from the pain of heart-break!  I remember barely being able to get my head off the pillow…

This is the kind of love we are talking about in Heartbreakers.  The girls are still young and each break up or relationship feels overpowered with emotions.  And of course you can’t break girl code – your friends come first at this time in your life and if that say he’s wrong for you… then he is… even if you think he is so right.

I thought how each chapter started with one of the Break Up Codes was smart writing.  I thin I would have liked it more if the chapters and codes were in order instead of the code skipping around that is in the book.

Over all I can imagine that this would be a book more appreciated by tweens.  I have heard this book be compared to the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and I think that is a fair comparison.

**Update:  Pamela has a third book in the series coming out yet in 2012!


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2 thoughts on “Heartbreakers by Pamela Wells

  1. Oh, I definitely remember the feeling! At sixteen, I was very sure that that cute guy was the one. What happened felt like true heartbreak. But it was great fodder for some of my novels, and I like being able to use my experiences in a fictionalized way.

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