Morning Meanderings… Slippery Roads Still In Minnesota (but the coffee is good)

Good morning all!  Let’s get up and go go go!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!  I have been up all of ten minutes and ready to start a great day!  (Oh…. I sound a little like Richard Simmonds… I will tone it down a bit….)

Hmmm… maybe I will tone it down A LOT.

Anyway… we had snow over the weekend and that is just depressing when I am sitting here waiting patiently for spring…. signs of spring (IE. grass, sun, flowers, and certainly no snow!)  And with our weekend snow (so annoying…) came poor road conditions.  Yesterday morning as I left my driveway, directly across the road was a truck with a plow and a cop car that didn’t look like a cop car other than he had a flashing light in his window.
As I sat there wondering what was the proper way to pull out of a driveway when a cop is right across the road (do I stay in the wrong lane until I am beyond him, etc….) I noticed why they were really pulled over.  A little to the left of my driveway was this:



Close up of the rolled over vehicle



No one was hurt, the driver (you can see his head behind the vehicle in the above picture) had just jogged back to his vehicle and was originally standing next to the guy with the truck and plow who I suspect pulled over when he seen what happened.  Yup… even in March roads in Minnesota can be no fun….

did I mention I am waiting for spring?

On a different and more soothing note, the Singapore Coffee recipe that author Cheryl Lu-Lein Tan sent my way and I posted over the weekend was….


Smooth and creamy and I am sure not a healthy beverage with the sweetened condensed milk weighing in at 130 calories alone for 2 teaspoons… but definitely treat worthy.


The straining of the ground coffee through cheese cloth was a bit messy as you can see by the look of the sides of my cup… I should have prepped it better to make it more picture worthy 😉



Tonight is book club at my house and we are discussing the book Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez….  you can pop in later this week to read about the book, the review, and the food we brought to enjoy with it.  😀

Have a wonderful (AND SAFE) day everyone!

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Slippery Roads Still In Minnesota (but the coffee is good)

  1. Ugh, March is actually one of my least favourite times to drive in Ontario. You go from dry roads, to wet, to freezing rain, to snow covered all in one day. AND there is often lots of fog in the evening which adds another element!

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you thought of Wench.

  2. Another reason I love living in California, despite some of our other problems (state bleeding in debt; earthquakes; wildfires; did I mention earthquakes?).

    I guess we all have something….and you know what they say about “the devil you know.”

    Have a good day and watch those slippery roads!

  3. We had snow yesterday, and we’re supposed to get more today, but we’ll see. They can’t make up their mind about how much we’re going to get. And it’s all slushy right now.

    1. Friday is calling for a rain storm Hannah and while that is annoying.. it will melt the snow as long as it does not get too cold and slick – I have to drive to the cities on Saturday morning for the plunge. 😯

        1. 50’s? Oh that would be so awesome! I am hoping too that the roads are not bad and the weather is cold… I think I am the only one with the big drive time.. the rest of team lives in the area of the plunge. 🙂

  4. Oh yes, I do love me some coffee with sweetened condensed milk in it but it’s definitely only for a treat! Can’t wait to hear what your book club thinks of Wench.

  5. I’m glad no one was hurt in the wreck! I learned a lot about Minnesota weather in the past few months because my husband and I were considering moving there for a job. We just didn’t tell very many people because we weren’t sure if it was going to work out, and turns out we’re not going to be moving there. It was intimidating though, thinking we were possibly going to have to adjust to all of that cold weather and snow!

  6. I’m going to try this coffee over the weekend. I’m limiting myself to one cup though.
    I wish I was there for your conversation about Wench. The author is from my city, Memphis and I smile every time I think see the book or someone brings it up.

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