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Morning Meanderings…”Pinterest, It’s A Mid-Western Thing”


Good morning and happy FOGGY Tuesday.  Yeah – it is CRAZY foggy here this morning.  I tried taking a couple of pictures off the back deck this morning and they turned out well… interesting. 

(Wow…. if I said “morning” one more time in that opening paragraph we would have had to turned it into a drinking game….)


Here is one of them:

You can see my deck railing along the bottom….


Creepy pic right?

Ok so what I wanted to share this morning is that while at the Rural Libraries and Literacy Leadership Institute this past weekend (wow… that is a mouthful!)  we were having lunch on Saturday and our speaker was Jon Gordon on Social Media and the role it plays.  One woman in the group who had been to MLA spoke up and said that she had heard that Pinterest was really a “Midwestern Thing”. 


So of course we were all Googling and sure enough, the Pinterest phenomenon seems to be more successful with us who live in the midwest.  You can see an article here that the Los Angeles Times wrote in April.  It says that Pinterest is the third most popular social network site falling behind Facebook and Twitter, but most interesting is that most of the traffic into Pinterest is coming from the Midwestern states. 

Apparently these states are more crafty?  :razz:

For me, I have an on again off again relationship with Pinterest.  I go on and I am fascinated.  I am pinning recipes and craft projects and home improvement tips.  I will do this for about three days and then I will forget about it for weeks and then… maybe pop on, get excited all over again and pin some more.

Does this happen to anyone else?

I think I may have made a couple of recipes from the Pinterest files, but nothing more.  I hope when I have a craft weekend next week that I will take a couple of these ideas with me.


So that’s my morning meandering.  Any thoughts on Pinterest?  Are you a pinner and a doer?  Just a pinner?  Or really can’t take on one more time suck (which…. it really can be!  Bright shiny pictures – oh my!  :D )



Morning Meanderings.. Pinterest Interest and The Blog

Good morning!

Yes I am here, just a little late this morning.  I have been up since 6 am, but I have been reading emails I was too tired to get to last night, chatting it up a bit this morning with bookish peeps on Twitter, and cautiously looking into Pinterest.

Why the caution?

Any one that reads Book Journey on a regular basis knows I have no trouble at all filling up my time.  I love to read, to blog, my job, hanging with friends, rollerblading, biking, the gym, volunteering with teen and the homeless, movies, and really…. honestly…

I was afraid (and still am a little) that Pinterest would become a time suck I just could not afford unless I gave up sleeping, which as hard as I like to run…. I do look forward to hitting the pillow at night to re-energize.

Friends invited me to join it, talked about it, I hear it’s praises on the blogs, but for me…. Pinterest was off the table.

And then…  (gah… I am really starting to not like those two words…)

Jay at Joy’s Book Blog had a Pinterest Challenge for Bloggiesta.  Not one to back down from a challenge I checked it out.  What Joy talks about is how to use your blog with Pinterest… in other words, I could connect books on Pinterest that would draw attention to Book Journey.

I do like talking about books…

I did not do the challenge – I did not have time.  But I did ask Joy to hook me up with an invite and she did, and this morning… I registered.  Anyhoo… that’s why I am really late this morning :D

Source: via Jacinda on Pinterest

Oh yes, you can plan on seeing these pop up in a post as soon as I find a book to theme them… :D


I am registered but currently there is nothing on my board.  I need to figure out how to do it, does it link back to the blog, etc….  maybe this evening I can look more into that and probably in the next day or two I will put up a link on the sidebar.  Until then… yeah.

So let the time suck begin.  :razz:  If you do not hear from me for a while check Pinterest, I may be pinned to a board.  “Help!  I’ve been pinned and I can not get free!” 

My day today is blog post writing, group power, hopefully a bike ride, reading, cooking, and some sort of low-key plan for hubby and I tonight… like a rented movie.


Questions to you:  Do you use Pinterest?  If so in what ways?  (to look up things?  What things?) Inquiring minds (ok, me!) want to know.


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