Requiem by Lauren Oliver – SPOILER Page


STOP.  This page is a SPOILER PAGE for the book Requiem by Lauren Oliver.  Do not proceed if you have not read this book.




So Requiem….. the final book in the Delirium trilogy.  SO…. I actually found a lot that I liked about the book.  Even if the love triangle has been done to death… I think there is still some excitement to it…. that sense of who will be picked, who will be tossed aside….

AND I have to admit, through much discussion in my spoiler page for Pandemonium, where I proudly proclaimed I was Team Julian and you all ripped my head off…. :D….

Throughout this whole book I was team Alex.

Oh come on!  How could you not be????? Alex – although somewhat of an ass in the beginning you knew (oh YOU KNEW!) that he was just covering hurt feelings for Lena moving on….

My other little complaint was that Lena was not as likable in this book… she annoyed me with her talks with Alex and then running to Julian’s arms.  BLAH.  Too girly for me… too D-R-A-M-A. 

Love love love that Hana is back in this book and love love love hearing her side of what is happening back in Portland and how the “others” are handling what is happening with the Wilds and the Invalids. 

And then I know people are mad about all the unsaid things all the openness in the end which actually for some reason did not bug me so much.  Maybe in this book I didn’t need to know everything and how it panned out… maybe I was just happy that the one thing happened that I wanted to happen… Lena and Alex found their way back to one another.  (It was my Titanic moment where Rose gets out of the life boat and hurried her way back to Jack and as they cry and hold one another….) Oh.  Sorry about that.  I am back. :razz:

SO over to you…. I know I have more to discuss just cant think of it now so please, share your thoughts openly on this book.  As this is the final book you can share openly here about all three books and how it all ends.  I am excited to read what you think!

  1. I liked most of the book too, although Lena was a little annoying at times. The end didn’t bother me either…I felt like it was the right kind of end, because in that kind of situation, even though things went well in Portland, the fate of the world as a whole is still pretty up in the air. And life itself isn’t definite, so leaving a book with some open ends isn’t the worst thing. Plus I love these characters so much that I feel like it leaves things open for Lauren Oliver to pick their story up sometime later if she wants. I have this fantasy that in a few years, we might get another set of books set maybe 10 years in the future, and I’d really love to see what comes of them later on.

  2. I don’t think I would have liked it have been all wrapped up at the end, it needs to be open ended because you never know how it is going to turn out, they just wanted to freedom to let things happen and to make their own choices and to be able to live without fear. The whole other side of Fred disturbed me and finding out about his first wife, showing how people in power feel they are above the rules but so strictly enforce them on those below them, they deny people happiness and rights while taking well more than their fair share of things, how he was going to deny people electricity to bring them in line. I love that Hana left him in the house with the bomb!

  3. Wow… I live in a small country in Europe, so the Pandemonium was translated and published here about a month ago… I ment to say that I haven’t read Requem, but I couldn’t continue living without knowing what’s gonna happen next.
    Anyway, what happens to Julian? If Lena is with Alex again… What about Julian? Lena was his first love, after all.
    I’m asking all these questions bcs Requem wont be translated here for a whole century…

  4. So..Lena is with Alex???

  5. I don’t get the what happened?
    Is the war over or what?

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