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Morning Meanderings… Sprint Apocalypse and Giving Back


Happy Saturday!  So many little things to do but this morning… I am chilling with my Coffee Cup, listening to Me Before You and trying not to think too hard about all I need to do this weekend. :)

Yesterday our local Sprint Towers were down (they still may be – I have not tried my phone yet today).  You wouldn’t think not having a cell phone for a day would be a big deal… good grief, I grew up in the 80’s and we were thrown to the streets as teenagers… with no means of communication!  *Gasp!*  How did we survive???? But yesterday was a hot mess without the use of my phone and here is what happened:

  1. We have no house phone
  2. I had to get a hold of my husband and my calls and texts wouldn’t go through (I eventually drove to where he was at)
  3. There was a brunch at my house with friends and when they called me I could not be heard by them on the phone
  4. I was supposed to meet a friend up town and we were going to connect (by phone!) when we could meet and that did not happen
  5. Another friend and I had a coffee date, when she called to cancel – I never got the message
  6. I was expecting some important papers in the mail this week and when they fad not arrived by yesterday I could not call the company to inquire.

A day without my phone as active as this time of year was annoying.  I had to drive into Sprint to find out what was going on.. they said, “we have had a lot of calls today” and I responded, “If only I could have called you…”

It really was like the Apocalypse. 


For Saturday Snapshot I thought I would bring up some pics from this fall when we had a food drive for our local food shelf.  It seems like an appropriate time of year to do a little post on giving. :)





They weighed the food and I can not remember the exact total but I believe it was over 1500 pound of food we donated that day to the Food Shelf to give out to those in need. We did this as a Church, but really any group (or family) could do this.  I think I am going to bring this up to my book club, maybe next year we could pick a month where we each fill a bag to be donated.  I love it when as a group we go beyond the books.

So that is my Saturday Snapshot today – hope your day is wonderfully stress free…. I have to ask… are you done Christmas shopping?

Morning Meanderings… Holiday “Bookin It!”


Good morning!  Happy Saturday!  It is for me as the commitments today are low (WOO HOO!!!)

Yesterday I spent a little time on projects that I have put off for a while.  One was cleaning out the freezer (always a delightful task) and the other was putting a little love into the book room.  Let’s just say that the books that I bought mid August from the library sale were still in the room in the box I brought them home in.

With a little help from my audio friends, Eleanor and Park I went to work.  Here are the pictures that I am putting up for Saturday Snapshot this week of the results of that project:


This is as you walk into the room. Note – the table is a new addition. This is the table from the demolition Al did last month. It is a gorgeous piece that I plan on refinishing in the spring.


Here is a close up of the table. Oh and my rug… I love my rug too :)


And this is the room from the other end facing back towards the door (which you can see open on the right).

The room, that used to be two bedrooms when I grew up here, and then was Al’s office until we built on to the shop, became a book room about 7 years ago.  It used to be an assortment of book shelves but last fall we had a friend of ours put wall to wall shelves in the room and wala!  Here we are.

Next Friday I am having friends over for a Christmas brunch and I think we will sit in    there!  :D

For today, this morning I am off to the gym with my friend Kate who makes me go when “I don’t want to!” but it is a good thing. :D  This afternoon my project is to get started on making caramels for our office staff.  Our Christmas party is Wednesday and I think this will be a fun gift… I will post pictures!  :D

Have a great Saturday!  Oh and check out Saturday Snapshot!

Morning Meanderings…. Spending Time In The Library


Good morning!  Happy Saturday.  Current Brainerd Minnesota weather -21.   :shock:   NO kidding… I just looked.  No wonder the dogs were like “are you kidding me?” when I let them out this morning.  

For today’s Saturday Snapshot, I thought I would show you where I have been this week and what I have been doing. :D 

This past week I have spent quite a bit of time in our local library. This week I spent time working on the display window changing it out to good December reading.


Last weekend a group of the Friends came in on Sunday when the Library is closed and decorated for the holidays.  It was the first time I participated in this and it was a lot of fun.  We put up three trees and decorations on shelves, greenery everywhere and wreaths too.





Yesterday I was at the library for most of the day.  I went in the morning to drop off my lap top and pick out donated books to make a “book tree”.  As usual, I underestimated the amount of time it would take to do such a project.  After an hour of picking out the right size books, I left for a coffee meet up I had with a friend.  Then I came back for a meeting on the Friends logo that we are working on designing.  This meeting went 2 1/2 hours.  Then I went back to work on my tree which took me about another hour and a half.  I left the library at 5:20 pm.   I neglected to take a picture of the book tree but I will try to capture that today.

Today is the Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library Open House.  This is the day that we invite the public to come and check out the decorated library and enjoy a cookie and coffee or juice.  I am excited to go and hang out with the friends from 10 -2 today.  If you live in the area, stop by and say hi! 


Morning Meanderings…. A Little Project With Audio Appetizer


Good morning and happy Saturday!  It is COLD here in central Minnesota and it has driven me indoors which is a bummer, but the up side is I love this time of year for house projects and snuggling up with great reads.  Last weekend I had an opportunity to do both.

Our entryway to our home was a color that I no longer loved.  For a small space it was to dark and the two doors in that area that I had painted were chipped and scruffy looking.  In usual “let’s get ‘er done” fashion, I went to the paint store in the morning, had my paint picked out within minutes and that afternoon went to work.  I am pretty thrilled with the results so for this weeks Saturday Snapshot, here is my entryway make over:










After :)


After :)

Yes, I am  thrilled with the look.  It fresh, clean and makes the area look bigger.  As for the audio accompaniment, that would be The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty which I am loving right from the beginning.  This one is a treat on audio – love the narration!

Pop on in to Saturday Snapshot and see what others are taking pictures of this week. :D

Morning Meanderings… Join Me For Coffee!


Happy Saturday!  I have a pretty nice wide open weekend here that I am pretty excited about.  Lots of little mini projects I am considering:  I have books to put away in the book room, a desk to set up in the office, paint to pick out for the front room and upstairs living room, reviews to write…

Recently I was picked to host a House Party for the Tassimo Coffee Pot.  If you are not familiar with House Party, check it out.  These are parties on products anywhere from books, to movies, to food, to beverages, to games, to projects.  You sign up for the ones you are interested in and if you are chosen to host you are to invite at least 10 people over to share in the product with you.  They can be a lot of fun and you are sent whatever you need to put on the party.  In the past I have had two parties around books and one on a movie, this was my first branching out.

I wanted to host this party because I knew I would never buy a $165 coffee pot, which is what this model of the Tassimo is.  Hosts received not only the coffee pot, but an assortment of coffee pods to use at the party.  I was thrilled when I was selected.

I did have the party and it was a lot of fun.  At first, I found the coffee pot to be a lot of work to figure out.  I did not even get that the coffee pods that came with creamer was a pod you put in the machine after the coffee part to heat and foam the creamer and then the machine added it to your cup.  It was one of my guests who pointed that out to me (thanks Brenda!)

As the evening went on, I actually found the coffee pot growing on me.  I liked trying the different kinds and the fact that it brewed one special cup at a time.  In fact, since the party, I have not used my regular coffee pot.  For todays Saturday Snapshot (give it up for West Metro Mommy Reads!) I thought I would post a couple pictures from that event.



Jean and Kaydi really got into it!


Brenda and I were fascinated watching it brew



Group photo minus Amy the camera woman!

My overall thoughts:  I like the Tassimo and yes I would recommend it.  They sent in the package 40% off coupons for my guests if they wanted a Tassimo Coffee pot as well as some yummy brunch recipes.  We had a great time!

Pop on over to West Metro Mommy Reads and see what other people are posting pics of this weekend.  It is deer hunting season here in Minnesota, my Facebook friends are saturated in pics of family members with their deer (what an odd tradition, to pose with your deer….)  LOL

Morning Meanderings… A Look At Girls Night Out – Halloween Style!


Happy Saturday!  I have about 30 minutes before I am leaving for the Monster Dash in Crosslake Minnesota.  My friend Amy and I did this one last year – a 5k in full costume.  Last year she was wonder woman and I was a zombie bride, it was crazy fun.

This year…. well… you will see.

On Thursday of this week we fall our October Ladies Night Out.  Twice a year businesses hold this event.  You (girls only!) pick up a punch card at a participating business up to the night before the event.  Then the day of you have a set amount of hours that you can go these businesses and get your card punched acknowledging that you were there.  You have a certain time to turn the card in to a specific business – this fall it was 8:30 pm with as many punches as you can.  You trade in your card for one ticket per punch and the next day they announce winning numbers on a local radio station and if your number is called you can win, among other things $1000.00.It’s local and community and fun.  Many of the businesses offer horduerves, snacks and wine.  Some have samples of products and others have coupons to bring you back into the store. 

The October one offers a bonus:  a costume contest.  Ooh we were all about that.  Here are our pictures (thanks Saturday Snapshot!)


That’s me!



My friend Amy as Medusa (she really gets into her work!)


My friend Kerri “Legs” The Flapper!

We had a blast!  We didn’t win in the costume contest but it was still a great time and there are still a couple other contests going on so we will see :)

I posted these delightful pics today for Saturday Snapshot, click the link and check it out. It is a lot of fun! 

Have a great Saturday!

Morning Meanderings… The End Of The Season


Good morning!  How are ya all doing this Saturday?  It is cold and damp here in Minnesota. There is still a possibility of snow and I am hoping that is not true.  If any of you know the author Sandra Brannan, here is one of the pictures she posted on Facebook from South Dakota yesterday:


Yeah… I am seriously not ready for that.  They were hit with a big storm.


Anyhoo… enough of that. This past week our kick ball season came to an end.  Yes, yes… kickball…. like in grade school.  Big red bouncy ball… we kick it and run (try to run) the bases.  Its not always pretty…. it is usually fun.

The group I play with are a mix of friends and we have played for the last 4 years now, possibly more.  I missed last year as my schedule was just too full… but I was back this year and it was a lot of fun to be back. 

There are about 16 teams and we stitch out each week and play two or three games on Tuesdays. 


Most of the team… we were missing a couple subs (missed Paula, Andy! :( ) and a few regulars – Greg, Dawn and Jon.





My friend Amy and me. Amy is also in the Bookies book cub which just goes to show you… us readers do more than read.  :)


These are my pics for this weeks Saturday snapshot sponsored, hosted, supported by: West Metro Mommy Reads.  Stop over and check out what other people are posting pics of this week and feel free to write your own post as well. :D

Today I plan to go to St Cloud (about an hour away) and look at their costume shop.  I need a few things for book club this week and I have a Monster Dash coming up October 26th that I want to see what would be good fun running wear. 

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

Morning Meanderings… A Little Time In A Police Car


Good morning all!  Happy Saturday!  I hope you have been enjoying your fall ( yeah I said it…. Fall) week.  My week has been fairly mellow and I have enjoyed reading and finally was able to load Itunes on my new laptop and working Audible to work with it so I can get back on my overload of audio I enjoy.  I started listening to The Returned yesterday… and wow… I am enjoying it.

Last weekend my friend Amy and I were on our way to a bike ride in St Paul when we stopped in a small town for gas.  There was a car show nearby and an old-time police car was also at this gas station.  Of course, opportunity presented itself and we asked if we could get in the car and we granted that permission and the owner took a picture for us as well.


So there is my contribution to Saturday Snapshot this week.  :D  Stop by and check out other Saturday Snapshots at Metro Mommy.

Also, if you have not seen my post on Banned Book Week, it is coming September 22 – 28. I am hosting Banned Book Week here as I have done the past three years but will be hosting it a week early as I will be in the wilderness the week of Banned Book Week this year, my first canoe and portage trip that will be seven days long, staying in a tent and no cell phone or internet access.  :shock:  So that said, Banned Book Week here, will start tomorrow.  Sign up here to join in, or be sure to watch for all the fun posts and giveaways that I will link here :D

Have a super Saturday!  I am reading, cleaning, prepping banned book week, and later going out with friends for my hubbys birthday.  What will you be doing with your Saturday?

Morning Meanderings… What I Did With My Summer


Remember back in school when you would start the new year and the teacher would have you write what you did with your summer?  Just me?  Well… we did that here in Minnesota.  As I sit here this morning annoyingly coffee free (I forgot to pick some up at the store yesterday),I thought it would be fun as I was mostly absent, to share in pictures what I was doing this summer. 

So… here we go:


I spent several weekends on the North Shore at our cabin with friends biking, hiking,watching movies, playing board games and just hanging out together.


On The Fourth of July we son and I along with a couple of his friends learned that one of our restaurants in town used to be considered “haunted”. The lady working there let us go down underneath he restaurant into old tunnels where the “supposed” paranormal activity was once taking place.


I spent time running on the trail


My Book Club the Bookies that their annual Queen event. Congrats to our new Queen Angie!


Ironman bike ride with Amy. 50 miles


My son and I did the “Go Commando” obstacle course in the cities. His first which was a lot of fun.



This was the finish of that course.



1st Ever Brainerd Lakes Jam Concert. FUN!


Library book sale!


We had the House Party for Big Girl Panties on my back deck. A lot of fun!


Two day 150 mile bike ride for Camp Benedict


The Color Run!


After the Color Run ;)


Hanging out on a friends pontoon


I went with my cousin and his wife and kids to the first Vikings pre game this year.


I went into Wisconsin with Rhonda and we completed the Muckruchus for MS – this was my second year doing this muddy obstacle course.


My week at Camp Benedict.


I helped plan and execute Brainerd first ever Wine and Words author event in August. Our goal this first year was 100 people. We had 177. AWESOME time!


Our authors were amazing! Sandra Brannan, William Kent Krueger, Lorna Landvik, Wendy Webb, and Sarah Pekkanen


Labor Day weekend we were at the North Shore again and got to try our hand at Archery!

This is my contribution to Saturday Snapshot hosted my Metro Mommy.  Stop in over there as well and see what others are posting about this weekend :D

Morning Meanderings… One Fun Weekend


Good morning!  I am enjoying a seriously wonderful weekend and I hope you are too.  This is the last of the quiet lay back weekends until the second weekend in September (and that is Al’s birthday so who knows).  This next weekend I am at the cabin with my son, then the 1sr weekend of August is the Camp bike ride, then Wisconsin mud run weekend, then Library sale, camp week, Wine and Words and then camping the final weekend of August.  The first weekend of September brings on another bike ride and a fall kick off party.

It’s all things I really enjoy… its just a bit overwhelming when you look at it as a whole.

Last weekend was a lot of fun and that is what I wanted to share with you today.  My college son and I spent time in the cities together doing back to back 5k’s – both were messy… both were fun.  For Saturday Snapshot I thought I would share some of the moments:




On Saturday July 13th we joined 1700 people for the Go Commando 5k



My son Justin going over the big spools



My dumpster dive….




…Justins was better.



The rolly log…



Moving on up in the world



The mud crawl to the finish…



My big splash – yes, that is me under the mud… somewhere


We did it!!!


Ok, as I posted these pictures I realized there are way to may fun pics for me to put the two events into this post.  Next Saturday I will post the Color Run pics.  Also fun… very colorful.  :D


Note:  No books were harmed in the making of this event.


For more Saturday Snapshots, pop in at West Metro Mommy to see what others are taking pictures of and add your own if you wish :D


Today… I have this master to do list that has been accumulating and multiplying for weeks.  I wrote it all out yesterday and started chipping away at it then and will continue to do so through Monday.  I plan on working on that until about noon, possibly taking a bike ride and then later reading Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. 


What’s your Saturday looking like? 



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